Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Month of May Please Come Sooner

The Passion. The Talent. The Mystery. This is the definitive biography and Inside Story of Christian Bale, the Darkest Batman. As the first biography of Oscar-winner Christian Bale, this book was written by the man who made him an Internet phenomenon during the most formulative era of Christian's career.
Before Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros picked Christian Bale to be Batman on September 11, 2003, Christian had a unique advantage over the other actors vying for the role. He had been the Internet’s Biggest star for the past 10 years. This book is not only Christian’s biography – his struggles as a child actor from Steven Spielberg’s bomb, Empire of the Sun, to his relocation to America and his challenge to establish a career after the box office disaster of Newsies – but it’s also a history of the Internet and how the World Wide Web empowered a new generation of fans, the Baleheads, to help the notoriously publicity-shy actor get to be the Dark Knight himself.
This is the amazing and previously untold story of how Christian was raised by a father determined to get him to America to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. His passion, his now well-known anger and his celebrated acting talents – enjoy this unique insight, Christian Bale’s most complete biography and origin story.

 Siap-siap mantengin eBay sama amazon deh gw bulan depan :)

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